Sunday, April 14, 2002

Heaa! I'm Cracker Jack I think you'll be able to tell the difference with us...I'm more of the bytch...Krys is nicer! lol Well lemme give you a lil fyi right you talk in here. DUN TALK ABOUT YOUR FOLKS! My Dad is in Kuac for Air Force and I hate my mom at the moment! Plus..Krys has some probs with her folks as weel...which if she wants to talk about...she will. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR KRYSY!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOOU! Yup that's right It's Krys's birthday! the big 1*4* ...she's older than me...unfair! but I'll live......I hope..J.K KRYS! Krys knows how to run this thing I don;t so...I'm confused with it. Krys I need some ideas for my birthday party this year...AND I WANT YOU TO COME DAMNIT! hee hee. I'm timpted to push enter...BUT I DUNNO WHAT WILL HAPPEN! lol My on the upper side right now....I talked to my Daddy TWICE today! He always makes me feel better! :-) ...You know what scares me?! I know why I like David..HE ACTS LIKE MY DADDY! LOL!!! AHHHHHHH! DAMN BUGS! I was working outside today and the bugs bit me!! I understand why Sophia KILLS them now! Oh yuy! I remember my nik nak too! Jacque Ann Jade..yuy That's me! I've written soo like 5 mins or less...yuy a lot less I can just type right off my mind...weird I know...prob cause I talk to myself a lot! Well I best help my site...Lord knows it needs a lot of it! Sepo!!!

Craker Jac or Crazee Jacquee
Hey! This is Krysten Nikole Cierra Machelle! =) Me and my best friend Cracker Jack will be writin here for the sane of humanity! *lolz* Nah, but neways! Ill write later.